Saturday, October 9, 2010

What have I been up to since early September?


Lots of football...

(shhh....I'm  moving to the dark side and enjoying Alabama football more than Auburn...Roll Tide!)

Lots of doctors...

(the idea of putting radioactive material in my body still freaks me out--even though I've now had it done)

Hubby's Birthday...

(I got him this, so now we have lots of racing in our living room...)

A little bit of painting.  Hubby took me to Bottle & Brush (painting with wine)...  

(It was the first time I've picked up a paint brush since college)

My Painting
Hubby Finishing his Painting

It was FUN!!

Lots of class work and studying of national security...

(Anyone an expert on America's policy of reducing nuclear proliferation???)

And work...lots and lots of work...

I will leave you know with a video of Whatley in the kitchen...he is wanting a bowl of sauteed cabbage, corn, and a bit of fish.  It's really funny how crazy he gets for veggies.  The evening I had the HIDA scan, I still wasn't feeling well so I had hummus and carrots for dinner while hubby had mashed potatoes and fried chicken.  Whatley sat between us and what did he want???  Hummus and carrots!

Without further ado...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Long Absense, Busy Days's been over a month.  I've really not been very good at this. 

It's been a very busy month.  Work has been nonstop and school has picked up.  I have my midterm next week and a big part of my paper due the week after--I need to get going on that! 

I've also been having gallbladder issues (chronic cholecystitis) and am trying to learn how I need to change my diet.  I saw a specialist yesterday and he agreed that I can try to control it with food--I don't want to have surgery if I don't NEED it--and right now, I don't--no gallstones, no continuous pain.

Headed to the in-laws for the weekend.  It's been a month and this time will be different as Hubby's brother is overseas for school.  My sister also graduated from massage therapy school (yay!).  She's got to finish her clinicals, then get her license.  I have a massage scheduled for the 23rd and can't wait!  She's quite good!  :0)

Sister and I at her graduation luncheon